Rat-ly Davidson

This bike got a second serving of pinstripes. My buddy Chad wanted to touch up some old stripes I had done several years back and then jumped on the chance to re-do the entire paint job. The pinstriping I had already done was, in my opinion, too thick of lines. In the conversation of what we were about to do, Chad threw in that he wanted a monster on the fairing. After trying to make up a face, he agreed with my direction to do a RatFink face. While I was working the art I had painted it over a few times, mostly because I used straight one-shot to paint the Rat. It worked out because not only did he want a sloppy character, the surface of the art is less than perfect. Im super pleased with it and so is Chad. it came together and totaly looks obscene and over board. Thanks Chad for giving the full creative control on this one.