My homie Chuck is waiting so patiently for his lid that has graced my shelfs for over a year.. Im so close to finishing her.. Black base with 24k Gold Leaf graphics. Ive moved, had a child and fell behind because of those things... I m grateful for my clients who have been caught up in the funk, I can tell you this, I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Collaboration with POWERPLANT


Danny Eslick #69 Helmet

I had a chance to paint a helmet for Danny Eslick #69 Superbike Racer from Oklahoma. Thanks to Marco @ Mach Modified it seamlessly became possible. Marco reached out to me in hopes that I would want to paint a helmet for Eslick, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Im glad I did...


OFFICE Sign for Rudi Hillebrand
Hillebrand Tap & Die N. Hollywood
Gold Leaf and Enamel


Rudi's 31 Ford Plaque

Hung out with some a-listers earlier this month... Sonny Boys studio in Eco Park.
Good times..



Window sign for new gallery on PCH in Oceanside, CA. 
The Throne Room
lead by Chris Yvon of Power Tattoo and Death Squad MFG

Death Squad did a rad blog post for my work as well. 



Zhostovo`s Skull